Starting the New Year off right with Lovejoy Vapor

Starting the New Year off right with Lovejoy Vapor

Posted by William M. Carver on 29th Dec 2014

Hey Lovejoy customers, friends, and newcomers:

I hope that you guys had a great holiday in these last few weeks and got to spend some time with your friends and family. As the New Year approaches this week, I know that there is a lot on peoples' minds. I was surprised to read an article this week about the most common New Years' Resolution, and luckily, we here at Lovejoy Vapor can help you or your friends and family accomplish this goal. 

You guessed it, it's quitting smoking. 

I know that some of you had been smoking for a long time before you braved "the big switch," or maybe you haven't yet but you know that you have to this year otherwise your wife will be on you like white on rice. Don't worry, we can make this as painless and quick as possible. All you have to do is make the conscious decision to quit, and come to our brick and mortar store in Winter Park, or come right to our website.

We have all sorts of different types of flavors, whether you want something to mimic your "analog" cigarette's taste, or you want to try one of our terrific fruit or pastry flavors, we have what you are looking for. And, to top it off, all of our liquids are made on-site, in a lab, with USP-Grade ingredients and the care you would expect from a mom and pop shop.

Also, I know there is a lot of apprehension that comes with ordering online. You don't get to see the product up close and personal, you might not know how to use it, well look no further. After the first of the year, not will you be able to find blogs and reviews here from yours truly, but also comprehensive unboxing videos and how-to's by yours truly, so it'll feel like you actually stopped in to the shop and said hello.  

Check back in tomorrow for our New Years' Resolution deals! 

Happy Holidays!

Stay Vapin'!