Regulated VS. Un-regulated: What's the difference and which one benefits you more?

Posted by William M. Carver on 27th Jan 2015

Getting started, most vapers are familiar with a regulated mod. A regulated mod is a device that contains a circuit board to regulate the current. Cigalikes, most vape pens, and the majority of box mods are regulated. Any device that has a variable voltage or wattage setting is a regulated device as well.

The benefits that you receive from a regulated mod are:

  • Potentially increased battery life
  • Increased safety
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to charge (many, but not all, come with a simple charging port on the device)
  • Passthrough functionality (those that do have the charging port, may be used while charging)
  • Smaller initial investment
  • Digital display (ease of use when determining the voltage, wattage, oHms, and battery life)

While these are generally expected benefits, due to the diverse market of e-cigs, the individual performance of each device may vary.

Unregulated mods are any device that does not contain a circuit board for regulating power flow through the device. Mechanical mods, Series or Parallel box mods (without displays or variable voltage and wattage), and semi-mechanical mods.

The benefits that you receive from an unregulated mod are:

  • Potentially increased voltage and wattage output
  • Unregulated power output allows for lower oHm coil use
  • Increased range of customization (unregulated mods are simple to wire, so there is a large variety of custom devices available)
  • No integrated battery means you can upgrade battery performance by purchasing advanced batteries

Again, these are generally expected benefits, but individual performance may vary.

Overall, what does this mean for you? Well, if you are a cloud-chaser, an unregulated mechanical mod with a rebuildable atomizer might be the right way to go for massive clouds. While extremely high voltage and wattage output regulated mods exist, they are usually a much larger investment. Mech mods are more cost effective and can produce similar results. That being said, if you have the money available, the higher-end regulated mods might be what you’re looking for.

The bottom line is that a regulated mod is something that is easily used without much experience, and they are suited well for casual and seasoned vapors alike. A mechanical mod is predominantly for the more advanced vaping enthusiast, as it requires a more comprehensive knowledge of electrical systems in order to be utilized with the utmost safety.

Thanks for reading! Do you prefer regulated, or unregulated mods? Let us know in the comments field below! Have a tip or recommendation for a device? Share it with us here or on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+!